Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sunday Evaluation

Seems like a good idea to do a weekly evaluation, and maybe I'll remember Sundays. Ha!

I've re-thought the number of doses of FiveLac to take. I feel so lousy now that I can barely get anything done. I may as well be significantly worse if it will mean getting better sooner.

Yesterday I attempted a minor wiring repair. I had Hubby move the desk so that I could get at a light switch box which I suspected had other wiring behind it. It didn't, but in the process a switch wire pulled loose. I had to go down cellar to turn off the circuit breaker, come back up, fix the wire, and then have Hubby put the desk back. Back down cellar to turn electricity back on, and then discovered that the wiring wasn't fixed, and the light wouldn't turn on. I have to re-do the whole thing today, over something that didn't need fixing in the first place.

And on top of that, I couldn't get down the cellar stairs without both crutches. Of course, a large part of the problem is the wrenched right calf, which nearly two weeks later is still not cooperating properly. I have to wonder whether the yeast is part of the reason for the slow recovery. It just shouldn't still be dibillitating.

But that means: 1) Left hip still requires crutch help, 2) Right calf still requires crutch help, and 3) Brain isn't working right, in spite of improvement with B vitamins and SAMe.

Probiotics need to be taken on an empty stomach so that nothing keeps it from going through to the intestine. So I'm taking a dose first thing in the morning.

That will mean FiveLac and 1/2 t. LacLo (silium husks with nice flavor) in 3 oz of orange juice followed by a raw vegetable chaser, to help move it along.

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