Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Self Evaluation, continued

Part 3: The Yeast Connection

That's actually the name of a book, which I really need to re-read. Yeast is heavily on my mind today, since it's worse than yesterday. That's because I gave in an ate an apple yesterday, followed by raisin bran.

My Theory goes like this:

Given: I have yeast overgrowth
Given: Yeast eats sugar; one of the by-products is B vitamins

1. The dominant yeast eats up the sugar in my blood, leaving behind B vitamins which make me feel good, because that's what B vitamins do.

2. Now I feel good, but hungry.

3. The raw foods that I ought to eat don't taste good, because I'm in 'sugar addiction' mode, so I eat sweet.

Result: More yeast.

So the only thing to do is starve, starve, and more starve. I *do* eat the raw vegetables, because they're good for me and help to counteract the yeast effects, but they taste only minimally better than sawdust. This is probably helped along by losing all those B vitamins, without which you can't actually taste anything.

Hmm ... I hadn't thought this out this completely before. I *do* take B vitamins, but perhaps not enough ...

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