Tuesday, February 24, 2009

FiveLac, Day Four

I didn't take a second dose last night. I forgot to do it before eating, and wanted to go up to bed early. It would be a waste of expensive product to use it after eating.

I ordered Candex with my next FiveLac order. Candex is supposed to eat away the outer shell of Candida, weakening it so that the probiotics can kill it more easily. It's also supposed to lessen the amount of toxins released into your blood during die-off.

I also need a good antioxydent, because Candida releases a lot of free radicals, especially during die-off; but I already had a bottle of a├žai berry pills, which are supposed to be about the best. I'll need to decide which way to go on a permanent basis.

I also decided to humor my lust for chocolate. If I can have 10 t. of sugar a day, a 'serving' of dark chocolate is less than half of that.

No particular changes from yesterday morning, except that I think my right calf is beginning to feel better. I even did some mild exersise - 100 steps. 'Normal' is 300, done much more energetically.

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