Sunday, February 1, 2009

Self Evaluation, continued

Part 2: Physical Condition

Health, of course, is crucial to any kind of useful life. Mine has gone up and down too many times to count, and is presently in one of the 'down' cycles.

Overt issue: Hips

The left hip has gotten bad enough that I don't think it will get better again. I am seriously considering a hip replacement this year. In the meantime the left knee has become uncomfortably unreliable. I'm hoping that *that*, at least, is reversible.

A few weeks ago, I worked intensively with contact cement, laying floor tile in Daughter's kitchen. Since then, I've had extreme difficulty with both hips, the knee problem developed, I've been depressed, tired, and had difficulty thinking.

Daughter recommended Dr. Mark Hyman's UltraThyroid Solution, and this does appear to address the problem. I bought the books ($20) and am working on following the guidelines.

Symptoms I have which are indicative of hypothyroidism:

dry skin
brain fog
fluid retention
thinning hair
cold sensitivity
loss of sex drive
hot flashes
brittle fingernails
cold hands and feet
low blood pressure
muscle fatigue and pain
very low basal body temperature
difficulty getting up in the morning
yeast overgrowth
exposure to environmental toxins

I think I'm a very high risk candidate!

Other physical issues:
I have very good skin. I was born with it, and then stayed out of the sun all my life. I could pass easily for 15 years younger than I am. But I haven't been taking care of my face the way I should, and it shows. I know from experience that if I use my Mary Kay daily, it will improve my appearance drastically. So I'm going to start doing that.

I'm keeping a record of weight, basal temperature, and blood sugar starting today.


Laurie Lunsford/ Entrepreneuse said...

I don't know how you reply to certain comments. I am not high tech. I just write. My blog is tied to and accessed through my 2 websites. It adds "heart" and a personal touch. I don't normally do much conversing back and forth except in Facebook. Are you on there? It is fun and easy to share and converse with friends or whoever you put on there as friends.
I'm sorry you are having such a hard time with the lower half of your body. I'm glad you are going to record things. I gained weight over Christmas and I have been writing down what I eat. It tells me I am eating too much. It is all about awareness.

Laurie Lunsford/ Entrepreneuse said...

Another idea. Did you tie your blog to your email, so that when you get comments, you can reply right then? There is a little box under this box that you can check.