Friday, February 6, 2009

Self-evaluation, continued

Part 4: Physical Strength

1. My arms are stronger than my legs, proportionately. This is not good, since they aren't as strong as I would wish, and my legs used to be very strong. But they aren't in need of anything particularly.

2. Legs are bad. Even my 'stong' right leg wears out in the course of doing one grocery stop. This may not be fixable without doing the hip replacement first.

3. Left hip: Jury's still out. It *has* improved a lot since I stopped eating white bread last week. Whether it can improve enough to put off the hip replacement remains to be seen.

4. Right hip: Very much affected by environmental factors. Other than weather. The contact cement set me back at least a month. I have to continue using it; I will just have to be even more careful.

5. Brain: Worrisome right now. It's gone from not being able to remember anything to not being able to see what's in front of me. I have *never* been this spacey, even at the height of my low blood sugar in my teens. Found and started SAMe yesterday - when my brain isn't working, I forget that it needs this.

7. Sugar: Doing well at the moment. I give in to occasional apple or raisin bran, but the effects don't seem to be too durable. This, of course, is subject to change at any second. Blood sugar tends to be in the 90's when I measure it early in the day. It's 69 at the moment (after exercising), but I don't feel weak or dizzy.

8. General health: Not great. Sometimes I have difficulty getting enough air into my lungs, and feel dizzy. I run out of energy too fast. I did 200 running steps today, but yesterday couldn't do 100. Still have uncomfortably irritable bowel.

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