Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sunday Update - On Sunday!

Can't say I've exactly shaken up my life yet. I *do* seem to be actually losing weight though. And I *have* made doctor's appointments.

New discovery: I haven't taken any pain reliever for quite a while, probably not this year at all. Without being able to actually *do* anything, I didn't feel much in need. And since I've been using the two crutches, my hip hasn't hurt suddenly out of the blue while I'm sleeping.

On Friday night, I decided that I really wanted to sleep and took an aspirin and an Advil (ibuprophen). I not only slept well, on Saturday I suddenly had more ambition and my hip didn't bother as much as it had been. I even used only one crutch for much of the day.

So on Saturday night, I decided to take pain reliever again. This time I took acetominophin and ibuprophen. And I woke up about 4:00 am with terrible pain in my hip!

I expect I won't be taking any more acetominophin!

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