Thursday, March 12, 2009

Okay, this wasn't supposed to be just about my physical health. What about everything else?

The sad fact is that I can't really do what I want until the house is in order. I'm really pushing on that, and Daughter is helping. The living room is now pretty decent, for the first time through, as is the sewing room. The kitchen isn't bad, though it needs work. The dining room is coming along. We worked on it a little today. Being on crutches does inhibit rapid progress.

*sigh* So it *does* come down to physical wellbeing.

My personal psychic, Rev. Patti, recommended the following daily:
4 oz Georges Aloe Vera juice
4 tsp Liquid Chlorphyl
4 drops Oil of Oregonal

I've actually been using only half that much, for various reasons: money, squeamishness over bad tastes, and the fact that things usually work twice as effectively on me.

So I'm taking this in conjunction with the probiotics. It appears to be working very well. TMI - but no one is reading this anyway - the bowel movements have drawn *much* closer to 'normal'. And I feel a whole lot better. This is not a help to the hip, but in terms of ambition, positive outlook, and general wellbeing, I feel much better.

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