Saturday, April 12, 2014

WWWW (Watermelon works wonderfully well)

So I at least have my basic health back.  The problem was still pH.

I begin to think that almost all health problems come down to pH.  No doctor will tell you that, of course.  Few doctors even think about pH.  They are not nutritionists or dietitians.  MD means 'medical doctor' - they study medicine, and don't study nutrition at all.

When I just couldn't pull myself out of my pain and depression, I decided to really push with the pH and see what happened, just out of pure desperation.  So after looking up my pH charts (again) - there is a great composite here: - I decided to fast on watermelon.

I did not expect it to work so well!  Since my primary problem is carbohydrate addiction compounded by learned behavior of eating to relieve both boredom and low energy, having a few bites of watermelon absolutely anytime I want actually works.  For three days I ate almost nothing else, and gradually my pH went up.

So this is my latest TOE (Theory of Everything):

In our carbohydrate-rich American diet, our pH tends to be low (acidic).  What does acid do?  It dissolves things, right?  It dissolves both muscle and bone, pulling the calcium out of them to balance the blood pH.  This process causes pain to both the muscle and the bone.

Your first symptom of developing arthritis could be muscle pain.

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