Saturday, April 12, 2014


And I never followed up on that?  Wow.  Well, I was busy.

Hubby and I did get the stack fixed.  And the drain that we broke while fixing the stack.  Not too bad, actually.

But while I was on the water (and Daughter-allergic-to-home-repair was still in Hawaii), I kept going.

We now have an all-PEX house.  All water coming in through the house is now done in blue (cold) and red(hot) PEX pipe.

It was incredibly easy.  The hardest part was stringing it up through the walls, but hubby dropped a weight on a string down through, and we were able to pull it up.

With the gas pipe done in the spring and the water in the fall, I feel like there may be hope for this house after all.

I also got the 'new' furnace running, and it has been fine all winter.  It's not really big enough for the house.  When the temp is below freezing, I needed to have stove burners running, but we got through all right.

I need to be actually working on the duct system, but hesitate to actually make a supply plenum for it, because I think we need to eventually invest in a new furnace that is actually the right size.

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