Thursday, September 10, 2009

State of the Life

Doing okay. I have learned to take more pain pills, because I get around better and faster that way, and the hip definitely needs the exercise and practice. I have learned to take psyllium husks and maltital daily to keep 'things' moving.

Son's business is stalled. I can't blame it on the season - there are just as many leads as before. But perhaps the more experienced people are snatching them up more because they are less busy. I may have to stop the leads for the winter - can't afford $100 a month if we don't get any business.

This is okay for now, but I certainly don't want to do it for years. Son is kind of expecting that I will. I'm hoping that Carrie will just simply fill the void. All of his voids.

He and Daughter are probably going to work for a home for the retarded. Our friend Sarah runs it, and is having difficulty keeping reliable people, especially for overnight. Perfect for Daughter who is up half the night anyway; she can bring her laptop and do the things she would be doing at home without pay.

But things are not moving along for me. No progress on Book, on Tarot Cards, or on Eggurgy. No progress on the back room. And I'm running out of Summer to store my stuff outside in.

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