Saturday, September 19, 2009

September State-of-the-Life

I'm actually walking. Okay, I still waddle some, but it's getting better. I've been eating too much sugar, but in the process of cutting down again.

Relevant to the purpose of this blog: I'm doing the Sanctuary Press Workshop at ConClave this year, and may actually be prepared for it!

AND Daughter and I are working on 'artful' boxes for the art show. AND I still hope to complete the eggshell TARDIS to enter.

Meanwhile, work on the back of the house is slow but progressing. Son is dragging his feet because he's convinced that his gf will pay for it. But we put up a pretty good shelter to store all the scraps of lumber in. I'm pleased with that.

I've also been working on the front yard a bit - changing the look of the bushes and weeding. And Son transplanted the unwanted tree from the curbside to the middle of the empty lot.

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