Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Physical Therapy

I never had any PT with the first hip replacement. The surgeon was leery of pushing the joint too fast. He now has an association with a PT team which has offices in the same building, and is in fact under the same 'umbrella' name of Pinnacle Association.

Rather to my surprise, I enjoy my PT session, and enjoy interacting with the two therapists. They're fun. PT is NOT fun, but I'm making progress, and that keeps me going.

I've mostly gone one day a week since May, but starting this week I'm going three times, to get as much out of the month I have left as possible.

The week after my prescription ends, I'll be going to SFX, my ultimate goal in this whole physical thing. If it weren't for the desire to volunteer there, and to be able to walk around (at a rather good clip, at that!) for at least 8 hours a day, I probably wouldn't ever have pushed myself into the operation.

I'm not *actually* walking yet. I do hobble around the house regularly, but any real walking still requires a crutch. Four weeks is still time enough to change that!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Time Passages

Wow. I'd forgotten this even existed. I guess that's what I get for starting something new just before a major operation and being away for two or three weeks.

It has now been two and a half months since Hip Replacement 2. I'm doing well - almost walking. I frequently move from room to room without the crutch now.

I think that physical therapy has probably been valuable, but I'm not sure I wouldn't have been progressing on the same schedule - walking, climbing stairs, etc. The major thing is that it works muscles that I would not have, and I think I'm probably building muscle that I would not have. At least I am specifically trying to.

I worked on the 'bike' for five minutes this Tuesday. I did not expect it to be so hard; I barely got through it, and that was with three rest breaks! I burned a whole 21 calories! I'm looking forward to doing more of that and seeing how much I can improve, since it gives actually numbers to measure progress.

Nutritionally, I haven't been doing nearly as well as I should. I went on a major chocolate binge which really set me back, but thanks to 5-Hour Energy and Hoodia, I'm doing better again. Hoodia really *does* suppress appatite for me, and energy is what I'm seeking when I turn to chocolate.