Wednesday, April 22, 2009

So I am not in the hospital. Non-specific, low-grade urinary tract infection. He will *try* to get me in next week.

From my list:

For the surgery/hospital:
Establish what nursing home I'm using.
- Call the 'expiditer' about that.
Get bloodwork done at a Qwest labs.
Go to hospital for pre-admission exam.
Go to regular doctor for medical clearance.

Be totally off sugar, and yeast-free.

Get house set up:
Get Mary's potty chair which will fit over the downstairs toilet to make it higher.
Make and freeze meals ahead
Have the kitchen clean and organized.
Make bed as well as shower and wash hair the night before.
Make sure all bills are paid, and everything on budget.
Make files for all doctor and nursing home records
Find my yellow cushion that they gave me last time.

Equipment to take with me:
Sock puller
2-foot shoehorn

Dressing stick
Supplements and aspirin
2 waist purses and cloth grocery bag, for carrying stuff
Cell phone
Reading glasses
Skin care, nail file, tweezers, mirror
Clothes for 8 days
Feather pillow

Books - some series
Playing cards for solitaire
Tarot card lists to work on my deck

So a lot of important stuff didn't get done. Will I be better prepared next week? I doubt it.

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