Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Long-Term Plans

I've kind of considered returning to school (for the sixth time) to complete that elusive Bachelor's degree and go on to a Master's. To what effect, though? While I love taking classes, I have no interest in getting a degree only to say that I did. I would want a real purpose behind it. I have given serious thought to becoming a math teacher, which is something I love.

I've also considered going into accounting. I love spending hours with figures, making everything come out right. But it *would* involve considerable learning at a higher level than I have been in the habit of living in, and it isn't as though I need the money.

What else might I do? Travel is out of the question. A certain amount of it is fine, but I'm a home-body. I like my computer, my sewing machine, my hobbies, my kitchen ... etc. Also, my husband and I have very different tastes when it comes to vacations, and I've no interest in going anywhere without him.

Writing! Writing is very appealing. I've always wanted to be a writer, and believe that I'm quite good at it. The problem is that over the last year I have started to put a time commitment into it, and I'm not sure that I am still adaptable enough for it. Nevertheless, I will try it and see where it leads.

And probably I'll return to my hobbies. I miss creating things. Maybe I'll set up an on-line business to sell the results.

Looks like actually I'll probably kind of continue to do as I have: a little bit of everything.

So the next question is: Will I have the health and ambition for it?

So this Journal is devoted to My Future and How to Get It - How I'm going to regain/maintain my Joie de Vivre so that I can have a happy, fulfilling, productive last quarter of my life!

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Laurie Lunsford/ Entrepreneuse said...

Hi. Just wanted to reply. I recently found out how to follow blogs. You go to your dashboard and go to reading list and then at the bottom click on add. Then paste the URL into the space and it will come up on your reading list. I would love to be on your reading list. You and I are both at a time in life when we are reinventing ourselves. You are a creative person it seems.