Tuesday, October 2, 2007

As I enter my sixty-third year and start collecting social security checks, I am taking a new look at what my future holds. I have completed three score years, and can reasonably expect another one. What will it hold?

The first score of years, for most Americans, is spent on growing up and becoming yourself. I was no exception to that. By the time I was twenty, I had two years of college, a husband and a son.

For the second third of my life, I raised children. Also very typical. I spent seven years married and many more as a single mom. Sometimes I held a job and sometimes I didn't, depending on what worked out.

In the most recent score of years, I was remarried and raised another child. Less typical, that. I expect most women are focusing on themselves during their forties and fifties. Developing a career, traveling, learning new things. I do not, however, regret in the slightest having my beautiful, warm, intelligent daughter.

And now? I'm certainly not having more children, although there is definite possibility in helping raise grandchildren. Which I will do with great enthusiasm if that develops. But that would be only the side. Or one of the sides. What shall I do for the main dish?

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